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   WORLD PHOTOS / Architecture / Antiquity / Ancient Architecture

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The stone remains of an ancient temple overgrown with moss and grassThe front wall structure with openings for windows and doors
The building is supported by the large number of colonies with manicured green lawn
Stone steps and other remnants of the powerful basis for elevated structures
A typical type of structure to stay the ancient Greek rulersAncient Britain strengthen local residents from the Roman conquerors
Human figures carved in stone mountain
Place of former greatness and glory of the Roman conquestLawn in the midst of which rises a Chinese building in the form of pagodas
Greek old building on a small bright sunny hillRuin of gray and brown blocks before major refurbishment
Outdoor corridor forms of arches supporting columns and manicured green meadow
An ancient English castle near the green lawn perfect preservationTower of the castle: the only legacy of the past splendor old Polish count
The ancient building on the last stage of destruction in the DesertFormer sports center, causing the confluence of adventurers from around the world
Fundam old architectural structures built of brown brick
Photograph of an ancient castle on the hill, on which were the historical memories and collapsed wallsAncient carved figure at the plate with the image of the ruler and they covered the emperor of the sun
The ancient multi-story building for general living in harmony with natureThe ruins of the castle located on the mound is a magnet for touristsGiant ancient structure of high architectural valueIn the creation of the ancient architect dominated columns, arches, arches
Carved face of an ancient deity in the upper part of the religious temple
The thick walls of a military fortress. The fortress is well-maintained trails among the green meadows
Amazing for its beauty building - the creation of a skilled architectLongtime abandoned castle on low mounds of France
The remnants of the past grandeur and wealth of the empire of the Ancient East
Architectural art embodied in the life on the mainland of AsiaA heap of stone blocks on the site of the ancient buildings of a religious natureGreen hops climbing on the old construction. The columns supporting the brickwork

   WORLD PHOTOS / Architecture / Antiquity / Ancient Architecture
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