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   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Miscellaneous / The Art of Antiquity

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Drawing on a rock. Two buffaloDrawing on a rock. Two deerOverlay drawings. Figure in black and brown. AnimalsHeads of deer. Branching hornsThe battle on the horns of animals. The diversity technique of drawing
Herd of horsesArrows and a horseFigure cattle on a rockLarger animalsHorses and wounded the animal with horns
Descending from the mountain horses. Arrows residentsAn animal with a long arched hornsBuffaloThe portrait of the pharaoh. Bust in PlasterPart of the sarcophagus decorated with non-ferrous metals
A girl in a white dress. EmpressThe young ruler, and the rays of the sunSwimmingMythological aspects of cultureAnimals and People
Slaves. Production of the tombs. TunnelGirls and decoration with blue stonesMen and birds with white plumageThe picture shows the everyday life of peopleAdoration of the gods. Pictures on walls
The young man and a bird on the long clawsGod AnubisHarvest. People, birds, herbsProduction of amphorae, glassware, harvestingSwimming girls
God and his assistantGoddess Isis and her maidMaat, the goddess of physical and moral lawGirls with musical instrumentsLight candles in the temple of the goddess Neftis
Girls with yellow fruitsGirls on the gladeBirds in the airThe rulers and their assistantsA girl and a sacred bird
The Greek gods on the boatGirl with a hornImages rights in the church wallA man with a wreath of laurels and the musical instrument in the handThe young man in blue clothes and a little white bird
The young man in a blue cloak, and pipePlaying on two musical instrumentsPeople with a cup. Drawing in dark brownDance of a man with a birdVase depicting people. Naked body
The history of wars on the walls of the vaseLivestock and artisansPictures of people with red paintHuman head with plasterPortrait of a Girl. Wavy strands of hair
The volumetric images on the rock. Young RidersThe painting on metal. A warrior on a chariotPainting. People in different positionsThe statue of the goddessThe man on the throne. Counselor
A girl in a light dress. Swing with the plantsGirl with a bouquet of flowersThe girl on the chairAngels with FluteThe fear in the eyes of a girl
Woman with childBirds on a branch plantThe man with the book. ThinkingMosaic with multicolored stones. LeopardHoly. The man in the land of nature
Mosaic. A bird with a broad and long beakTree with round fruit. Drawing with colored stonesMan and dog. MosaicA flower with a picture in the middleOld man with long hair
A bird with blue feathersLook to the heightThe Council of EldersNimba around the head manBirds, animals with horns, red berries
Main character in the bookImage rights on the first page of the book. Egyptian cursiveReligious calendarKeepers of peopleLarger boards as a framework for writing
Rulers in the meetings with the court peopleThe hierarchy of saintsDrawing from the BibleRead the holy wordFigure in the cover letter. Religious Topics
The image of St. when writingAngels and HorsesPrince. Men in long dresses with capesYoung man with angel wingsAngel in a red cloak
Shadow of the portrait. A man in a dark burgundy dressIcon. Mother of God and saviorTent. Girls and AnimalsGoddess and the signImages of Egyptian rulers from the stone

   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Miscellaneous / The Art of Antiquity
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