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Snapshot comrades serving in Army intelligence in dog
Photo of a young lieutenant - a lover Russian Tsarina
Photo sailors of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Revolution Party
The collective image of soldiers at the front during World War II
The deserted streets of the city showed an undeveloped system of vehicles
An officer in uniform and with combat medals and decorations as opposed to fighting
Moving the spring river ford soldiers of the Russian armyThe ancient church during the war in the devastated as
Post-war time in early spring. The road is covered with slush
Photograph of children on the feast of the Nativity of Christ walking carolingThe commander of the military unit is sitting on a chair with a sword in his hand with his subordinates
Portrait of a Cossack military leader with a mustache and short hairCity-storey building post-war period in an abandoned state
Rue Russian city after the war. The five-storey building with lots of balconies
The building of the Christian church with broken windows from artillery explosionsPhotography brick building endured bombing in the war
Picture a quiet, peaceful life of the city in a quiet area

   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Miscellaneous / Old Russian photo
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