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   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Museums / Canadian Museum of Civilization

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The girl at the wall with small pebblesMan examines and restores finderGray-lilac dress with gold braid and black laceBirds in a treeFig. The wall at home with windows and doors in red
Exhibition. Street with cardboard and houses.Artificial pyramid in the orange lightsDrawing on transparent fabricMini-Village. True to display the last century of urban lifeAttractions. The head of pictures in the window
The wooden figure of a masked man in a boatFace the wall at homeFigure on a wall with blocksMusical instruments. Piano, ViolinRowers on the boat
Remains of an image. Drawing on paperThe room of drawings and lightRestoration attireLatest strokes. Preparation of exhibits for the exhibitionA bird with long white wings of a tree. Park
The settlement of Indians. House of FabricsSongs with concrete and waterComposition with plaster. People in a boatComposition. Wooden house. A boat with thingsA boat with fur skins of animals and the walls of the house
ChurchWooden buildingsBarrels of food under coverMulticolored lights fireworks in the night skyReflection walls in the water
Team oarsmenTourists around the building with a round roof blackThe red lights in the branches of trees. Snow and benchesSpeech on the square in front of the museumTanzi in national costumes
A room with toys, ceramic dishesA room with wooden furniture, china and a fireplaceConstruction of HousesThe machine with pictures and ornaments with colored lightsA room with an old wardrobe and accessories for the manufacture of yarn
The cart with large wooden wheelsHouses in the gold setting sunCity lightsMotor boatsFace configuration of concrete
The green bushes on the flower-beds near the walls of the museumMan and dog with gypsumThe placards round symbolizing four seasons yearRoofs of buildings in the Gothic styleGeometric design in the center of the building
Mythical figures on the wallNahodka archaeologistsNature in the red rays of the setting sunShadow of the windows on the walls of the corridorFigures of animals from the tree
Toys, which show the development of life. Building houses, carts with people, thingsGuitar-known musiciansFace stone wallsStroll by boat on the riverThe roof in the strip
Blossoming trees in the garden in front of the buildingView on the territory of the museum from a heightFlowerbeds with red flowersReel for a filmChildren on the terrace
Composition. Preparing for travelSail SpacecraftWarm yellow light in the building with metal frameWhite fluffy clouds in blue skyTerritory Museum
View of the museum from a heightPanorama cityMulti-colored fabric housesCoast with lanterns and lights headlamps machinesGreen trees in the park museum
Tourist boat on the river near the MuseumModel of tribal leaderWinter in the museumWarm light bulbs in the window at the snowThe flow of water from the walls
Artificial cityThe man in national dress in black and redA wooden idol. Figures in red and whiteHigh ceilings with high windowsAn episode of history. In the Fortress
Corridors of the museumHall of Culture of the EastSmoke pipe above the cityFountain. Walking on the court at the museumLarge and bright windows Museum
The idol of a tree in the colorful illustrationsBoiling flow fountainImages reservation on lawn in parkThe idol of the white material in the bushesChildren on the rocks in the river
On the stairsThe orange flowers under the walls of the buildingColorful illuminated signboardsA child in a suit peoples permafrostThe head of an animal with a large beak and eyes

   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Museums / Canadian Museum of Civilization
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