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Porcelain cup with a picture of blueSugar flowers. Pink roses with green leavesCup and saucer with drawings of rosesPorcelain shoes with bulky redDishes with images of green maple leaf
Saucer with curly edges and light green ornamentSaucer with a lid in the figures in blue. The branches with flowers. Golden bordersPlate with curly edges. Dark blue patternA cup with a spout figure. The portraits on the walls of the cupFace edge of the plate. Yellow flower
A cup and saucer in the golden-colored illustrations. Branches and gridPlate in dark blue with white rimsPorcelain dishes with a lid to brownPlate in blue tones. Figure waterfalls, rivers, cloudsPlate with a portrait. Roses in the ring. Dark brown tone plates
Plate with figure building. Gold toneKettle in black and white. Volumetric image of men playing golfPlate oval. Blue ringRectangular plate with blunt edgesOval plate with a picture porch and trees near the house
Ceramic pitcher. Cut wall CountessSaucer gently-pink with white flowersPlate with bulky sheets of drawings. NaturePlate with images of pink flowers on the rimPlate square. Portrait of a man in military uniform
Jug Painted in bright colorsTureen of small lilac flowers. Gold ringCeramic dishes with the hot handPlate triangular shape, with molding of flowers and violets sheetsStatuette. The girl in peasant dress with lamb at foot
Vase with handles golden brown. White daisies on a blue backgroundPlate of yellow-greenPlate with portraits of menVase for sweets and fruits. Turquoise ring on a white plateTeapot rectangular in pink tones
Saucer in blue tone. Figure carts and menDark blue color plateCup and saucerCeramic saucerPlate with figure pavilions and the park
Ceramic tableware. The picture on the wallVase for fruit with a white materialJug with images of nature in a dark blue toneSmall hole in the saucerPlate with a portrait of a young man in the form
Plate with a branch of flowers with leavesVase for sweets. Pictures of castles in the blue tonesPlate with a portrait of men in gray shadesJug brownish-grayJug of gray tone
Beige tones with patterned vase of flowers reddish-orangeDishes with lid. Drawings of animalsWhite jug with zebra patternPlate in a dark-blue squares and white flowersPlate in white and blue colors
Goblets with ceramics on the pedestalDishes from porcelain for the firstCeramic ladleThe dark blue cup with white handle and white flowersA cup in blue tones. Figure-old girl and a cow
Saucer irregular shape. Tops of the forest and geesePlate square. Dark-blue image of cityThe jug in a deep plate with large drawings of rosesDishes in white with gold rimPlate with pictures of historical events
Plate with picture of pink-colored flower thornsChinese porcelain plate with gold patternChinese porcelain. Cup and saucer, gilt.Chinese porcelain. Dishes for the oil with gold leaf.A cup of black ash-colored with light brown pen
Jug with flowers light Globe tone. Wavy branchesPlate with drawings of coats of arms, portraitPlate light beige with large handlesSugar with the branches of small pink flowersVase in light green
Plate on standPlate in a dark-brownPlate in the colorful pictures of flowersDishes for oil in shades of grayBlue branches and flowers on the walls of Shrovetide
Dishes for the liquid material with images of grayRectangular plate with round edgesThe dish for the sauce with a handle figuredPlate with drawings of colorful flowersPlate with handles
Dishes for preserves, jams. Gold ring on a white backgroundDeep saucer with handlesPlate patterned turquoise ribbons with bows on the edgesPlate ovalPlate of ornament with green leaves
Plate in black and red colorsDishes with pictures of green maple leavesSugar square. With a lid with small handleThe deep dish design with lilac-coloredPlate with drawings of birds
Plate with a red rim and brown drawings in the form of branchesPlate oval in small pink flowersTeapot with a small blue pattern on the wallsDishes with Ceramic whitePot with a handle

   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Museums / Chinese Museum
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