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Egg patterned on the popular theme. Girls and boys in traditional costumesTulips with a red flower and dark green leavesGeometric shapes in a green and yellow colorsThe church with blue domes. Figure in a golden frameEgg golden color with the letters XB
Egg in a black and red colors. Yellow stripesThe egg is black with shades of white branchesWhite flourish on a red shellDrawing on the egg. The red waves, the grid and twirl, red circles
Red flowers on a black backgroundDiamonds in red and white toneIntersection of lines, three-leaf cloverWhite snowflakes, geometric shapesWhite Star. Traditional ornaments
White snowflakes and the sun on the pink backgroundWhite branches on an orange backgroundFlowers, line and pointA variety of bands on the shell eggLight green tones, warm sunny pictures
The green branch on the eggFiery flower with a white contourEgg white stripe and red spotsLetters to the egg shell in blackDeer, cross, grid
Cross. OrnamentThe egg in the red spots on a black backgroundEggs in yellow and green bandsPopular PicturesBlack-and-yellow and red triangles
Cross with white borders on a black backgroundDrawn to the child shellRed turnip colors on a dark backgroundBlack-and-blue color patternWhite daisies, red ornament
A bird on a branchRed-white triangles and orange sunA bouquet of flowers in the vase. Folk motifs ornamentRed shell eggs in the black and white bandsBlack waves on a background of orange and yellow stripes
Orange. The background to black and green squaresSnowflakes and starsFigure church framed ornamentCross the red tones in light brown rimFolklore. Geometric shapes and heart
Geometric shapes of red and black colorsRed curls, flowers with yellow spotsFigure in yellow and whiteA bird on a branch in a white toneFolk themes
Eggs in yellow and brownTriangles, diamonds, linesFigured curvesBird red colors on a black backgroundThe egg blue color with white stripes
Flower in red and white with yellow branchesWhite flower color with antennaeCross with raysSun flower petalsDeer, triangles with grid
Yellow branches and red flowers on a black backgroundGeometric flower in lilac backgroundThe white stripes, red and orange divorceCross on a white squareGreen, burgundy, yellow and black colored eggs
A bird with a branch with leaves in its beakEgg Painted FishRed flowers and green leaves on a white eggFlowers with green fishBright red diamonds
Stars, diamonds in the orange toneFlowers on the eggSunflower on dark purple backgroundRed cross with yellow curlsGoldfish in the egg
Red and white roses on a blue backgroundThe image of landscape in shell eggsYellow-blue color rangeThe red stripes and flowers in the egg, blackThe egg is decorated with beads and artificial flowers
White flowers on a blue backgroundFlower and branchGreen and red circles under the orange stripes. Drawings of birdsYellow-green leaves on a red backgroundLight brown and brown leaves
The battle between the bullsGeometric view of the worldRed and BlackThe white bars and stripes on a dark blue backgroundOrange, red, white point
The red shell in white branchesA graphic image of a birdInterlocking lines and colorsThe white daisy with a dark blue-edged petals. The dark blue backgroundGreen shell
The red and white flowersBlack flower on the orange boxBright pink foundation eggsThe green background and orange stripesThe egg on the people\'s motives

   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Museums / Muziejus velykinių kiaušinių
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