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Glass tumblerGlass on the short leg of the figure,Glass flask with a dark-green huesVase for sweets in a thick and wide legCrystal decanter. Face the wall
Vase for sweets. Wall reliefCountess of glass with metal lid and handleBowl with turquoise-colored glassGlass for desserts with glass with a blue tintGlass in the foot with a thin coat of arms on the glass
Glass on a long slender stalk green glass shadesDishes from the glass with gold rimVase for flowers in goldVase for sweets with a lid. Carving on the wallsReceptacle for alcohol
Glass whiteSaucer with black glass with drawings of small red flowersVase black with a gray colorJug brown with extensive drawings on the wallsA set of crystal. Receptacle for pepper, salt, sugar
Countess with bulky drawings bunchesCountess for alcoholSaucer with figural wallJug Painted maple leafThe glass dishes with lids
Countess of relief wallsGlass on a short stalkThe vessel with a lidDishes for hot appetizersDishes for hot meals with fish
Glass vase with opaque blue glass fruitDishes for salt and pepperDeep dishes with undulate edgesVase for flowers in brown and white spotsGlass with blue glass. White daisies and brown twigs
Dishes for food with fishVase for flowers in redA glass for brandy. Light brown glass, the portrait of a manVase with lid for powder productsVase for flowers blue hues with a dark-blue legs
Vase with protrusionsPurple vase for flowers with faces on the wallsJug with lid turquoise colorA glass with a picture on the wallCountess
Glass with dark blue glass. Figure gnomes at bellVase for flowers with a picture of a basket of flowers on the wallGreen glass vase with handlesSugar with golden glitterSaucer with black glasses with curly edges
Deep dish of greenVase of light-brown color with a picture autumn branchesVase for sweets in the black, yellow and red DivorceVase for sweets dark blueVase with jagged edges
Saucer light blueDishes for salt and pepperCountess at legCountess of glass with metal lidDishes with red glass shades
Countess yellow with a transparent handleVase for fruits with red glassJar in light green, pink colorsPlate with curly edges in light blue tonesJug with a cherry-colored glasses
A glass of dark-green glass with a transparent stemLight-light green bowl for ice creamVase with a curly-edged green colorReceptacles for liquid materials with lidsVase with a handle in the blue-green
Ceramic dishes are yellow with golden rimTaj Mahal with white non-transparent materialVase for fruit with a thick dark purple glassVase with applique with pink flowersVase in the form of baskets
Vase for flowers. Burgundy-yellow glassGlass on a long thick legs. Drawing on the walls of the glassCountess with a lid brown huesVase in the form of the roller shoeA cup of glass. Brown tone walls, blue pen
A large glass container with lidA cup with a spoutHigh cup dark greenVase for sweets with curly edgesCasket with voluminous flowers
Receptacles for pepper and saltDishes for food with the birdsThe receptacle for the spiritsGlass with gold pattern on the wallsDishes with lid
A bottle of liquor forJug of white peasVase with transparent wallsDish with transparent imagesThe dish in yellow and pink colors
Plate with orange and pink tones of the glassPlate oval with maple leavesPlate pale yellowDishes for oils with drawings in whiteGlass swan

   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Museums / Museum of Glass
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