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   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Museums / Ottawa Museum Hall

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The corridor with high ceiling and the curly bulbsOne of the museum rooms with wooden parquet floor paintings and exhibitsThe long corridor of rooms with paintingsGo. Wooden beamsGlass ceiling. Sails on the ceiling
The glass walls of the buildingA high and a long corridor with many doorsIce sculpture of a blue illuminationLight fireworks in the skyGlass Room
Sail under the ceilingMuseum in the yellow light bulbsLarge bronze monument of a manThe branches in the snow. The transparent walls of the buildingThe field of tulips in front of the museum
Red fabric floating under the ceilingGolden Pyramid at nightBlue skies through the wallFlags in front ofVisitors to the construction of stairs
The crowds at the museumHall of sculptures. Semidarkness, dim light through the windowLiving corner. The trees and shrub in the roomSteam dark blueThe boy next to a locomotive exhibit
Tourists at the monument in the form of missilesModel ships from the tree under glassThe car in red with white wheelsThe first model of the mechanical machinesFigure flasks on the wall
Chip with inscriptions and screwsOld scores on the wallThe model space shuttleThe exhibit space ship behind the glass in a dark roomGuys near the vessel with a glass lid with chicken eggs. The birth of chicken
The static energy and the hairThe mechanism of circuits and tubesThe lighthouse in the red chessClock with luminous dialRoom power exercises
Study subject to the instructionsAirplaneThe exhibit airplane. The machine under the ceilingAirplane water-skiingThe first model aircraft. Airplane in brown
At the entrance to the museum. FlagsThe demonstration flight. On the fieldAirplane with the targets on the wingsThe mechanism of the helicopter bladesIn the hall of airplanes
Preparations for the exhibitionAirplane on ground in frontAirplane in the rays of the setting sunLearning circuitsRoom with models of aircraft
The first airplane with a long frameAirplane Production CanadaCheck before take-offFemale-per-view videoThe building with the design of walls in several floors
Firework in the sky over the MuseumFountain, a few floorsThe building with the dome of dark brown colorNight city. Multi-colored lights and a red skyThe geometrical structure of flower beds
Indian DwellingsWavy wall with brickCurly staircasePresentation of artists under the walls of the museumRound performance with the spiral staircase in the building Hole
The old city streets. Cafes and shopsA boat with a cabin with skins of animalsRoom with large glass windows, wall paintings and frescoes fromColorful pictures idolMen in the wine cellar
A cartoon of a treeFigure figure is executed in the form of humorousThe figure of the giant fish under the ceilingView from windowThe figures in plaster. People in a boat
The bend and the Twilight Corridor MuseumA soldier in uniform with the German symbols on the shoulderThe head of a ruler made with bronzeStarving people. A man with a plate and spoonMonitoring of the pilot through binoculars
Pictures from the events taking place in Hiroshima and NagasakiWax figure of the seller of newspapersThe tank was under the walls of the buildingAssembly before the battleCar
Models Mountain rams against the backdrop of night skyDinosaur skeletonSkeleton of ancient animalDinosaurs with long fangsSkeleton of dinosaur. Waterfowl
Light-brown building in the strict styleHerd of bison in winterStuffed duck under the ceiling in lilac shadesModel of a mammoth on the meadow in front ofSkull predator

   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Museums / Ottawa Museum Hall
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