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   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Painting / Masters-5

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Gondola and youthOn the heights of the city wallsMen to discussShip during the battleThe deck in smoke
At the meadow near the houseSteps to the waterThe girl in brown dressCity BuildingHorses from the bridge
A girl with long chestnut hairThe Girl in the HatThe man watered flowersShepherds on the hillThe cart with the white horses
FlowersShe cooks dinnerOld man by the fireplace. The dog, a wooden chairGirls consider embroidered pieceA girl with big dark eyes and short haircut
Women and children at her feetPortrait of girl with undulate hairApples, pomegranates, and the Bank of jamLemons. The painting in brownBread and plums. Jug in lilac tone
Apples and Pears, ceramic jugPainting with oil. Flowers in potsGirl in a lush light green dressHorsemen and dogs. HuntingThe pursuit of the beast
A girl in a dark dress and white kerchiefStorm. Rider in the boxA bouquet of yellow flowersThe girl in the corner and the dogThe ruins of the city. Boats and sailboats
Children on the Lawn at the broken gateA young man riding a dark-brown colorGlare of sun in the water. People from the banks of the riverGrandfather and childHorses in the shutters
Red and yellow roses in clear vaseHarbor. Rock slopesGirls in costumes. Juggling orangesShips with a light-brown sailsA shot guns on the ships
The man with the boatWomen read the letter by the windowCargo ship. People on the shoreGirl on the quay. The boat and sailboatTalk of men in the restaurant
A woman in a light brown dress with a boy and a dogGirl in white dress. FruitererThe white foam of waves among the rocksThe girl draws a picture. The painting in red colorsWomen in dark-brown dress with white lace collar
Mistresses. A woman in a white kerchief and a blue apronA bouquet of white flowers in a white ceramic vaseThe ruins of the city. Damaged towerNaked girl in bedOn the carpet
The horse, under the green branchesThe white and red peony flowersGirl with puppyDesk. Books, writing, penMatches and tube
Before the trip. The owner, horse and dogA woman in a dark dress with gold embroidery. Decoration with rubyFlowerbeds lilac bellsOn the throne beside the KingA woman in a transparent dress with embroidery. The crown with precious stones
The girl-girl feeding birdsA walk in the carriage and riding on horsebackLunch outdoors in the shade of a treeGirls in lace fineryBlacksmith at work
White-headed boy. Dark jacketDust clubs under the hoofs of horsesA bouquet of colorful flowers fieldThe pair have a wellMills among fields of flowers
Overcoming obstacles on horsebackFlowers of different colors at homeSnow-white branches of a lilac in a glass vaseThe girl in the bonnet for reading booksThe girl in shirt sleeves in lace with a black cat in her arms
A woman in a hat with a featherThe man in red trousers wideArrangement with roses and peonyGirls near the house with the masterElderly man in a dark brown jacket with a wooden pen
White-headed girl with a scarf around his neckIn reserve. Autumn is timeAt the quay near the city wallsA bouquet of field flowersThe mountain river near the house
Shoemaker in his studio at workWalk Winter StreetThe palace on the river bank. High TowerSad girl in a straw hatHorsemen and hound dogs

   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Painting / Masters-5
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