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   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Painting / Learning from the masters

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Portrait of a girl with long developing ringletyPeople lying in the sheetsGirl with a small plump lipsPicture a man from behindFemale big expressive eyes and curly hair
Portrait of a Girl with knots in their hairA woman in a dress with a round-neckedLarger naked male athleteNudes GirlsThe woman in white
Silhouettes of people against the backdrop of mountains and the cloud horizonA woman in a dark-brown dress with a ribbon around his neckGirl in bonnetNude girl with shalyuMuscular body
The bend of the legs. Nude girlA man in a helmet with a featherPortrait of a girl with a shy smileOmitted ever young girlWoman with tape on the hair
A child with long curly hairThe first sketches. Naked female bodyFamily TableA woman in a corsetPose sitting. Naked female back
Girl in BedAppeasement face a young girlThe elder of the missingA woman with sharp features in the white hatBending the fingers
The portrait in shades of gray. Portrait of little girlBack MenBallerina in the packA girl and a piece of clay. JugA girl with curly hair and red beads around his neck
A girl with a broad lace collarPortrait of a girl\'s head slightlyDowncast glanceThe girl with big eyes in the capMan for a coffee table
The man in the nightcap and the jacketA man by the riverWoman in the lush dressOld shrunken treeNude woman kneeling
Read lettersBulldogA woman with sharp featuresDorsiBallerina back
Naked manNaked man with jugOutline of a pencilMenA person executed in pencil
A man near the wallPlaster walls and vaultsCreek boysThe old man in a chairLaunching a boat on the water
Wagons and horsemenBlack guysGirl in bonnetSpina womenNude young men. View from the back
At the feet of his fatherAmong the snow and iceBoatsA girl in a dress with fluffy sleeves and with a medallionThe young man at the top of the mountain
Man in the HatApples and PearsA woman with a curious expressionKudryashki ChildA woman in a light dress
BabyA young man with naked torsoNaked body girlsThe woman in exotic dressRider with sword
The girl with thin lipsGirls from the banks of the riverA woman with a baby. The painting in shades of orangePortrait of woman with snakesWomen in white dresses
Drawing by Leonardo da Vinci. The correct proportions of the human bodyPeople on the bridgeDescent from the bridgePeople, horses, treesUnder the arches of the trees
Horsemen at the lake with monstersWoman and ChildA girl with short hair undulateA child of easelsGrandfather chair
A man with a violinA woman with a baby on his kneesPortrait of a girl in the sand colorGirl with a Czech and packOverlay of two images of each other

   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Painting / Learning from the masters
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