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   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Sculptures / Statues and sculptures-2

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Bust. Images unclean forceBuddha statue in the wall of the templeThe statue of a mythical substanceImperial face of stoneThe image of Indian mythology
Religious scenes on stone wallsIndian girls in national costumesGirl with a roll in the hands ofReligious representations of ancient nationsFigures from the plaster. Girl and boy
Fragment. KissThe queen and the servant. Statues in the ParkThe statue of a girl in the WallGirl with a Flute. StatueA large statue. Picture a man lying. Diverse statue
A warrior with a knife and the snakeMythical imageSculpture with a lot of faces and handsThe ancient god of the maskImages mythical representations
Sculpture running manThe stone sculptures in the walls of the buildingStone headAmong the sculptures in the park. Two boys sitting postureSculptures on the stairs in various unusual forms of
Sculpture. Governess to the throneOne of the monsters of a cathedral of Our Lady of ParisStatues of three naked girlsThe statue of a girl in lotus poseStatue of lion in the dark colors
Lion lying on the boardsThe image of human head on a stoneStatues of womenThe diversity of religious viewsMolding on the wall. Girl with a musical instrument in the hands of
Smith and askingA statue of ElizabethThe struggle of people with snakesSculpture womanSculptures on the wall
Larger love scenesSculptures in the park. Nude Girls spinA person in dark colors. IdolStone AnimalsPicture a monkey on a rock
Display of Black women on a light stone. Muzzle dogsThe image of mythological scenes on the rockThe infant, bat and monkeyTribe and the donkeyA stone sculpture. Composition with ball
Faces in the round, and shiny rocksAnimal on the rockRoman soldier and a woman. The scene of partingRestoration Sculpture boysThe statue of the young men with tape over his shoulder
Lion with a humanA man with long beard and hairThe statue of the young men without handsThe ancient statue. Idol. Human headA number of statues, the gods. Easter Island
The statue of an angel with a branch of fern in the hands ofThe sculpture was a young man on the roof of the houseComposition. The human head and geometric shapesBust of U.S. President LincolnSculpture naked girls
A woman with a spear. SculptureCenters. Lions head with ramsSculpture girl with the body of animalSculpture girl with lion body and wingsSculpture. Rider, surrounded by dragons
Statue. Head boyThe head of a warrior made of stoneThe figures carved on the wall of peopleRock idolThe stone head of an elderly person with teeth - fangs
The statue of a girl in the gardenThe statue of the goddessVirgo with an angel on his handsA young girl and master the seasStatue of Julius Caesar
Girl with a cloakThe statue of the Greek maleNaked man kills snakeThe statue of the goddessAngel on a pedestal with a cross in the hands of
Bust of Julius CaesarComposition. A woman with a girl.A statue depicting the horror on the faceThe statue of the young men.Naked man with a baby in her arms
A young man with a raincoat on his shoulderA warrior with a sword and the woman\'s head in handsEgyptian PharaohThe woman with the head of a lionComposition of the statues. Man in bed with a jug
Julius Caesar in military dress with the angel at the feet ofStatue of an old manElderly man with a cross in the hands ofThe statue of a man with a naked torso and a ribbon on the handQueen with a crown on his head

   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Sculptures / Statues and sculptures-2
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