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   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Surrealism / Boris Valedzho

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A painting of a star man, captain of the spacecraft and the portrait of womanMinotaur with a spear in their hands against the backdrop of cloudy skiesThe picture on the outer grounds. Testing of the new robotNaked woman with transparent wings of a butterflyGirl with a sword in the hands of fire smoke
Female Amazon with swords and onions in a cave. Gleam of LightUnequal battleA variety of images. Changes in facial expressions of naked women. The picture in the blue hazeFatal embrace of the snake. American Indian and rocks in the gorgeThe queen in a golden crown and artificial wings. Servant her Thorn
God gives all the top mountain riversFighting men and boys with a dragonThe man at the head of a mountain goatDeadly snakes teeth in his hand, menCaptive in the shackles around the throne of the ruler
Girls and boys are hiding from the apes on the rock cliffNude girl with daggers and axes in their handsA young woman and a man on a background painted talesBreed female warriors on a stone islandThe pair and the Beast
A man with a naked torso and a pistol in his hand. Planets and snow mountains in the backgroundNude girl with long dark hair in the mouth monsterStar Wars. Laser firefight spacecraftLaunch vehicles and rockets in the skiesPrisoner and love. Inexorable ruler
Queen on the bed. A guard dog and catBeauty and the BeastThe girl goes to the moon drawnThe man with the body of a crab. Woman in BlackMan and woman with scepter of fire against the background of the sky
View through a crack in the wall. Fight for LifeFlying over the city in an airplaneThe cart with a couple PegasusStatuette of a man on the ball allowed to smokeBalls depicting men symbolize the beginning of life
A warrior on the breakage of the rockCowboy with lasso riding on the arms and horned cowThe girl in the clouds with a cup in the hands ofSports. Girl with dumbbells in the hands ofThe girl in the arms of the branches of a tree
The fight at the edge of cliffs with mountain monstersHeavenly Warriors. Demons of fire cloudsCentaur with a beautiful girl in the hands ofGirl on horseback near a tree with branches undulate. The sunlight through the branchesShe hovers in the pink clouds
The hero with his lover in a dark proudNaked woman covered with velvet crimson-colored handsGirl with a bow in the hands near the dragon. Flaming city in the skyA man with a sword near the dragonRider, accompanied by a dragon among thick branches
The girl in the crown of daggers in his handGirl with a dragon pattern on the thigh in the embrace of pangolinEgyptian priests struggle with demonPeople near the stone pillar of cloudTalk girl with a dragon on a mountain top
Passionate kissesRuthless Lightning GodThe girl with the sword and the maid at the marble columnsFighting fire with monsterGirls in the ring
A girl walking on the hot groundErotic FantasiesA man near the statue of a woman with wings with colored plumuleEvil necromancer against the backdrop of the red planetVictory.
A man and a woman with pale skin with colorful wingsThe Witch, and the demon warrior againstA girl with long flame-red hair in the embrace of a demonNudes girl with wings. Prayer before the battleA man with a gun against the monsters
The space ship with aliens. BriliantSpacecrafts under fireMagical dancing girls in the background with bright green divorceA man with a machine against a background of the angel of deathGirls and dolls on the background of the city
The girl at the Pegasus on a background of outer spaceWarrior princess before. The white haze of drinkGirl with griffins on a mountain ridgeHorsemen, dragons, a city on a rockWorship god
Man in spaceSweet embrace of monstersThe bodies at the feet of a girlLightning in the hands of young boys and girlsThe mistress of a flying lion
The girl in the maritime kingdom on the sea horseChained to the wall rocks captive monsterThe pair at the entrance to the cave curdleNude girl on a mountain top, and a demon in the celestial spacesMoment of danger. Fire demon
A girl with a sword at the entrance to the caveProfessor at the blue planetThe girl in the pink satin jacketMonster on a leash with a girl-warriorThe queen and her subordinates were riding on horseback
Man on motor-cycles in the knight\'s armorThe girl on the background of the space cityThe girl in the pond with the snow-white swanAttack eagleSwan and the girl in the river valley among the rocks

   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Surrealism / Boris Valedzho
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