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   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Surrealism / Salvador Dali -1

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The wall at home. Female nudity in the opening windowBoats tied at the shore. A man sitting near the bed-side tablesThe artist paints a barren landscapeThe poster depicting a man and a miscellaneousThe head woman
Clouds in the sky. Flying horse of the rocksImage of womenConversation between a man and a womanMen on the seashore at workSandy landscape of large stones. The figures of people
The car in the desert near the destroyed wallSkeleton of a horse and a man sitting astride a skeleton. The upper part of the castle towersTwo rocks in the form of human figures. A man standing near the rocks.The poster with the image of the person toTwo girls with elongated bodies in various poses. A variety of subjects on both sides
The figure of the human body. The head is represented in the form of an opening night standsThe human body with the head of the animalThe bodies of people in various positionsThe road between the rocks. The sky before the stormParts of human bodies in various poses
The machine is in a tree. People sitting at tableClothing Front and rear bodyThree women in the desert and sandPart of various shapes and sizesTable with a glass of desert. Camel and Man
The human body in the form of opening the boxesThe black phone with a tube representing the cancerThe sofa in the form of women\'s lipsThe statue of a woman with open boxes at the top of the torsoPeople in various positions and provisions
Desert landscapes. Houses in the valley. Standing in the way peopleImages of people and horses in battle, battleNight. Silhouette female chair under a red cloth. Red building with objects on the roofBuilding the city with objects and peopleThe walls of buildings, houses, among the desert
Running woman in a white dress. The building is far awayA table with tablecloth, surrounded on the sides of objects and peopleDesert landscape in gray-blue performance. The white figure of a curved shapeTorso of a human bodyThe figures for women. Parts of the body presented in the form of opening the boxes
The head man in a balloon over the rope tied to the landPortrait of man holding a women\'s shoes in the teethRocks similar to the human body. The group of people in the backgroundPeople with unnatural outlines of people and a trunkSwans in the lake, the trunks of trees, a man standing on the shore
The group of people to the desert in various positionsFragments of human bodies imbued barsGroup of people standing in two columns, and display their bodiesDesert. People in different poses and positions.Corridor of people facing each other
Bedside table with an open cell. People and animals nearStanding man in the roomA horse with a hoof in a wheelBroken telephone receiver next to the plate with eggsStones and other objects
A man paints a picture of the objects in front of its surroundingPlate and the subject of lying in itCloth reclining on a flat surfaceBowl, white with a human faceThree people with inexpressive features
A man on a rock cliffWell, people, stonesThe man with the animal\'s body, and fly the mouse on the headA smiling childThree people
A man and his thoughts and desiresA child holds a red rat\'s teethStatues and images of various objectsMan lying on the groundA large white plate and black handset which drip a drop of water
Handset and other objects lying in a plateThe bodies of humans and animals in different posesThe head man with the skulls in the eyes and mouthHeads of statues of peopleWoman Seated at the table. The group of people nearby
Woman in BlackTwo demolished towers in the desert areasThe human body as a liquidTwo cars black and blueBrick wall in the form of a skull
Torso of man with the entrance inside theOutline of a human face with a brace for the eyes and headPeople engaged in various types of laborBody of naked woman sitting on a cloud

   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Surrealism / Salvador Dali -1
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