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   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Surrealism / Jaime Sorayama

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Robots on the board for surfing in the ocean of nightRobot dinosaur. Brilliant body and red eyesMechanical eagle with steelMechanical camel with antennaKangaroo-robot with a child in a bag
Metal fish with sharp finsFish predator. Yellow eyes and shine of the steel bodyHare and tortoise with steelThe head of an ostrich and an adult child of steelThe projection of the metal residues dinosaur
The mechanical shark with sharp teethReactive dinosaurThe mechanical elephant with long tusks. An animal in a light violet colorUnicorn with hryvnia with orange material with glitterWildcat. Tiger with claws and iron teeth yellow
Fish with a companion on the head with a metalA child under the supervision of a mechanical hand. Dog with steelSplash water clarity of swordfishShining golden body of fish in the sunMechanical fish on a hook
Star ShipDinosaurs under the waterMechanical dinosaur with a long beak and wingsThe logo with a mechanical dragonThe heavy metal body rhino
Dolphin with a jet engineBeetle with steel American flag pattern on the backMetal phone is a drunk catA girl wearing a steel color and glossGirl in the car wearing metal colors
The girl in the helmet with antennaThe head of a girl in a steel helmetThe girl wearing the star warriorLeap girls wearing robotThe girl in erotic dress with metallic luster
Dark blue points in the hands of a girlTested helmetThe girl in gloves and stockings with a material with metallic lusterA girl wearing a cat - a warriorA girl in a suit with the leather and metal
Naked girl in a metallic dressGirl in maskA girl in a suit with a transparent filmGirl with drawings on the bodyCape of silk on a metal body
Silk gownThe girl in leather trousers surrounded by pipesWoman chained to the floorNaked girl in the hands of a cold metallic robotPipes and girl
Cat. Black dress with glitter and lacquer maskStraps on the bodyLeather pants, lash, heelsGirl in transparent stockingsBelts, straps, lash
The girl in the lace on silk sheetsDress with thornsThe man with the steelSteely man and womanMermaid
Girl with a tail and hoofs of the horseThe girl with the legs in a mermaid tailFemale - impA girl wearing a horseShark Tail and body girl
The girl with the wings of birdsWhite Satin nightdress and vampire fangsThe girl in the arms of marine animalsMermaid at the depths of the seaThe girl and the seagulls
The woman on the sea bottom, surrounded by jellyfish and a huge squid

   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Surrealism / Jaime Sorayama
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