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   WORLD PHOTOS / Cities / Canada / Ottawa

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The building of the British embassy in Canada. Developing the flag of Great BritainSkating with the barrier for a Canadian athlete pastime
Speech by the popular Canadian jazz group in the open
Collective sculpture of soldiers killed in World War II
Type of Ottawa with a bird\'s flight. Copper, green roofs
Izobilniy in the Canadian capital markets: tomatoes and cucumbers, cabbage and potatoes, melons and watermelonsNear the lake lies a tree. On the bench at Lake Ontario sitting couples evening times
The light brown building of four floors. On the front lawn, trees grow mapleThe pavement design of a large quantity of metalThe greatness of architectural art creators amazing Christian Church in Canada
View of the old buildings with green roofs made of copper
Typical building the Canadian capital is built from light-gray stone and covered with greenish copper roofThe building of the city municipality of the city Ottawa. The staircase leads to the central fountain of the capital
The observation deck on top of high buildings of the capital. Plenty of lights adorns the site
The structure of the 20 th century Canadian architects of light brown stone and green copper
Clowns at a festival with colorful balloons create a holiday atmosphere
American Indians protest against oil production in the original territory of the Indians
Sculpture of well-known figure in Canada on a hill sown with bright colorsGuards of the British queen shows training
By water on the indoor board. Journey to the lake for tourists
View of the city of Ottawa high building. The abundance of green and light gray
The statue of an angel in the Canadian capital - a place confluence tourists
Lights along the street illuminate the Canadian capital
View from the helicopter on the part of Ottawa, located near the river
Celebrating Canadian independence day outdoors in central park of the capital

   WORLD PHOTOS / Cities / Canada / Ottawa
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