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   WORLD PHOTOS / Nature / Leaves and trees / Forest Floor

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Twilight forestForest RoadWhite fungus in the foliageMushrooms are yellow with a wavy capThe diversity of tree bark
Fern on the ground covered hvoeyThe branch of fern at the stumpLilac cloud of green grassSandy creation of natureFly agaric on white leg
Habitat of mossMushroom on a tree trunkMushrooms and moss parasites on a tree trunkBridge. Green grassOrange and red gold leaf
Path. Walking among the treesLandscape. Green SpringDusk. Lost TrackSpring. Birch sap in bucketsRed grape leaves and branches from the fire berries
Red grapes on branch stonesField lilac flowersComposition with autumn leavesPines in the shadeThe first spring action. A yellow carpet of flowers
Purple flowers and shrubsLandscape. Spring floweringRed mushrooms toadstoolMushrooms are among the green grassFly agaric with white collar
The trail on the hillFantasy Nature. Trunk of the treePark. Blue snowdropsAutumn. Wreath product of dry branchesPark zone. Rows of trees
Diversity FernThe first yellow leavesPink flower plantationsTree barkLight brown mushrooms
The wonders of nature. Trunk of the treeBranch in the forest of moss and stonesThe first spring flowers, snowdropsDark blue flowersThe combination of yellow and white wings
Park. Pond. An abundance of flowersSoft green grass and leavesLight-brown branchesThe red earth of leavesMilk fog among the bare trees
Autumn landscapeRed, green, yellow leavesPark. Flowers - red, yellow, whiteRoad. Autumn treesHabitat of moss
Illusion. The branches of trees, fernsForest spacesTrees with a blue tone trunksWreath product of the rootsForest. Trunks of trees
Winter. Eli in the snow. SledgesDrawings resinRocks and mossAutumn carpet. Golden leavesAutumn panorama
Snag in the context ofRoad. ForestThe composition of trees, flowers, stonesThe mountainous landscape. Fantastic plexus rootsThe trees and moss, fern
The diversity of mossLandscape. WaterfallThe trees on the slope of the mountainsRed, yellow, brown maple leavesTunnel of trees. Road
Orange-brown barkCrustal platesLandscape. Mt. The tree on the slope. The haze of cloudsPanorama sunset. Gold beams in the skyForest landscape. Hills
Winter. Evening. Mountain peaksA woman collecting resin from treesTunnel yellow flowers treesSunset. Autumn ForestDry trees
Mountain RiverRiver among rocks, waterfallThe trees on the bank of the riverForest GladeWaterfall. Stones. Sandy Beach
White SwanTrees. HillsRaging stream of water. Mountain RiverTrees in the waterTrickle of rocks in the woods
Bridge over the precipiceThe young shoots of treesTrail. Purple carpet of flowersComposition with flowersFlowerbed. Variety of colors and forms

   WORLD PHOTOS / Nature / Leaves and trees / Forest Floor
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