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   WORLD PHOTOS / Nature / Leaves and trees / Leaves

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The branch leaves of lilacLeaves dark green oblong formMaple leaves with flowersThe branch of acaciaBranch leaf currant
The branch of young green leaves of mapleSmall maple leavesDark green leaves with relief nervateThe leaves of raspberryLinden branch
The branch leaves ash redThe branch leaves dark greenThin branches with leavesLeaflets dark green glossy shineGlossy green leaves
Dark green oval leavesThe branch of linden leavesLime leavesDark green leaf mapleMaple leaves with gloss
The branch leaves of lilacMaple Leaf with pronounced stripesA brilliant maple leafSmall maple leaves with wax shineThe branch of linden leaves, light green
Dark green leafList oblong shape, with jagged edgesBranch leaves oblong formBranches with long leaves and green veinsDark green leaf linden
The branch leaves green hues. LípaLeaves with a light shiningList of limeThe branch leaves of lilac, with bright young leavesDetail of a branch of lilac
Young leaves of chestnutThe branch of chestnut leavesYoung leaves of chestnutThe branch with a bronze luster and young leavesBrilliant young leaves
The leaves with curly edgesDark green leaves with burgundy edgesOak leaves with earringsDetail of oak branches with flowersThe composition of dark-green maple leaves
The branch of fernBush with small round leavesBranches with small yellow flowersDetail of a branch with leaves with a velvety surfaceBush leaves with long green hues
The branch of a dark-green huesLeaves gladiolusesBush gladiolusesList oblong shape with dark stripesThe branch with a wreath of flowers
Branches with long leaves of green hues from burgundy shadeThe branch with leaves with pronounced nervateDetail of chestnut branchesOak Leaves light green colorLeaves oblong form
Raspberry leaf branch with flowersBranches with short sheetsComposition. Maple leavesOblong leaf ovalBranch. Long sheets of round-edged
Yves. The branch with leaves oblong formLilac branch with leaves of dark colorsThe branch with leaves ovalThe branch with leaves in the hairA fern with a long thin sheets
The branch with cherry flowersBranch long with torn edgesA sheet with jagged edgesList of dark-green shade with MarshBranch with flower green color
Sheets with sharp endsThe branch with leaves dark-green huesGreen PearsMaple Leaf with wax shineThe leaves are round with a long tip
The seeds are mapleBurgundy leavesLeaves, needlesLight green leaves with brown tintYoung leaves trees
Leaflet CircularClaret list of irregular shapeThe branch of fern with long sharp leavesPear leaves glossy shineDetail of a branch. Leaves collected in the beam
The leaves form a long narrow dark-green huesBranches with long thin leavesBranches with long leaves in the dew dropLong thin leavesBirch leaf drop in the dew
Maple leaf brown shadesAutumn. Vyalye yellow maple leavesYoung leaves with glitterLeaflets oblong formGrapevine. Young leaves

   WORLD PHOTOS / Nature / Leaves and trees / Leaves
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