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Spruce green and fluffyThe track in the parkSunset. Gleam of light in waterMoon between the branchesSpruce on the slope of the rock
The mountain peaks with snow. Pine trees and trees on the slopeAlone at the top of the spruceFern and green grassBending wood and green grassVegetation in the trunk of a tree: moss, fern
Moss on branchesThe diversity of mossMoss not onlyMasking. Trunks of trees and green grass mheLandscape
Penh. FernYoung maple leavesBirch RiverBirch and high grassForest for the fence
TreesCrownLight green leaves in the branchesGolden birch on the background of evergreen treesPark. Coexistence of yellow and green leaves
The mailbox at the edge of the forestMaple with light green leaves and red frameDry trees and yellow bushesHeavenly blue through yellow leavesBright yellow leaves
Gold branchesValley. Hills. Mt. CloudsRed leavesCarpet of yellow leaves on the groundThe branch of the autumn leaves
The fire on the blue autumn skyBirches in the riverAutumn. ColorFalls among the green treesAutumn. Brown crown
Yellow leaves on thin branches, after the rainFragment of maple leaf red colors with green nervateFragment maple leaf yellowish tintAfter a rain. Birch leaf on the tree barkRiver. Cousteau. Tree
Maple leavesThe composition with flame-red maple leavesAutumn song. Fallen leavesThe branch of wild grapesPink flowers of trees against the backdrop of the castle
The branch of cherries in bloomThe branch in bloomGentle and white flowersJasmine flowersThe ripe red apples
Winter landscape. Light snow under the sunLandscape. Night. Winter forestWhite snow in the evening hazeThe mountains in the snow. Old treeOld trees. Desert Forest
Dry trees. Forest after fireThe dark trees in the haze of mistConfiguration with the roots of treesConifer blue tintLandscape. The lake at the foot of the mountains
Mountain range. AutumnThin maple branch with yellow leaves against the backdrop of the forestFlowers among the treesTrees on rockShadow of the autumn woods
Birches in autumn. Blue skyAutumn in the forest. Snow of needlesPiercing through the rays of the sun through the branchesGlade in the HillsFields with birches
Sheets of thin branchesThe black silhouette of a plant on an orange backgroundDesert areas. Trees and shrubsConiferous trees against the backdrop of the stone bulgeMountain region. Fluffy bushes
Sunset in the forestUndulating bush blue huesFiery sky. Silhouette of trees in the rays of the setting sunRoad. MountainsMountainside. Young trees
River. Snowy mountain peaksBridge. Silhouette Rights in the sunWinter. Rapid River among rocks and treesWhite clouds on blue sky. BirchLandscape. Mt. Green grass
The river at the foot of the mountain. Red grass on slopesPine cone and branch in the snowSnow on the branches of a pineFog. The birds on bare branchesWreath product of the branches. Snow
Birches. Blue skyLake. Mt. Flowers and treesMountain slopes. LakeFoggy day. HillMountain peaks

   WORLD PHOTOS / Nature / Leaves and trees / Leaves and trees
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