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Inflation of the dollar gives owners easy currency to heaven
philosophical reflections on the historical role of the peasants RussiaLack of testosterone for this male concept alien and incomprehensible
Imperialist plans of the Russian president is laughable in the Observer
Heavy fruits of freedom and the bitter taste will
The devastating murder of ultimate truthLove requires sacrifice. Love a man with an arrow pierces the queen frogs
A large dose of the drug for an artist makes a microphone as a heavy barbell. Expensive tickets for a concert paying off a unique spectaclePolicy Address to the citizens for calm during economic crisis
Treasure hunt in the cemetery of the royal tombs
Russian tradition provozhaniya a better world popular political alcoholics
Having sex with the daughter of King is dangerous to health even three-headed snakeThe place where most of the money of the world lies in the Swiss resort of Davos on
Black humor in all its beauty. The cruel deception of naive and trusting man
A crafty move attendant police to deal with political opponents of the regime
Politics makes the beauty of body and soul into ugliness treatable cosmetic surgeonPlanning killer at a high level
Shark crosses hopes for the prosperity of man with the goldfishThe heir does not justify the hopes of the Pope, who created the creation of variations in the nature of
The main loser in the court of King secretly dreams of a crown and throne
Painting top of cynicism rights - the worst of God\'s creationCurrency Inflation does not affect the love of money the authorities
Russian man caught the English-speaking fish for the realization of their desiresPromising alcoholic communion with his own reflection in the mirror
Family working hard on the toilet. Updating the consumer basket is at a stable levelMiscellaneous outlook and mentality in physical twin brothers
Visual killing Christ. Jesus Christ and the death cross. The murderers of Jesus Christ

   WORLD PHOTOS / Other / Humor / Cartoons Merinova
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