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A variety of black evening dressesThe skirt and striped sweaterMale striped suit. Pants and a jacket with pockets overhead. Light jacketKnitwear. Sweater in light-and dark-brown-stripedDark purple color dress. Jacket in multicolored spots
The parade strip. Short dresses and sweater in horizontal stripe beige tonesDark burgundy skirt and light pink sweater. The skirt and jacket with red bordersDark purple dress. At tieBrown dress with black lace trimThe long skirt with a lace jacket. Black uzsky top
Black dress with light pink bowA short black dress with a frame at the bottomSummer dress with bowUzskaya skirt to the knee. Red JacketThe dress of linen in dark blue on a button
Leather coat with high collarDark-purple dress with beige bowKnitted dress and shades of gray cloakAngora jacket from a dark purple color and leather pantsDark-purple dress with lace sleeves
The dress of laceDark purple motif dress and coatA short coat with a beltBeige dress with hot materialLight purple trousers and red shirt with stripes
White skirt of dark-brown stripes. Satin jacket with fur collarDress in blue. The skirt, coat, tieThe costume of brown fabric with glitterRed satiny dress and long red coat drapovoeSatin skirt red hues and a short jacket
Red dress in dark pink stripedCloak of the black coating the skin with fur collar and cuffsThe skirt of the knee and a short jacket with lacquered skinDress with a cutting horse goldThe dress with corset and lacy yubkoy
Black dress with a slit to the thighJacket with buttonsLong silk dress of golden colorThe dress with bare backA long skirt and top
Brown pants and white shirt with short sleevesCoats bluePants and jacket-gridThe skirt and top with rings of steel-coloredPants with low waist
Pants and brown jacketA long jacket and skirtLong skirt and burgundy-colored jacket with deep notchTransparent dressA long, narrow skirt and jacket with sponges neck
The dress of the triangular pieces and a white laceThe skirt of lace in the flowerDress. The skirt is made of cloth in the box red. Dark brown corsetNarrow brown trousers and a red cape in the cellTransparent dress
Pants in a cage with a box on his knees. Long jacketPants and coatsBrown leather skirt and scarfShort knitted dressThe dress of velours in gold color
Corset and skirt. CloakThe diversity of women\'s business suitsWhite trousers and crimson jacketsBright autumn colors costumes. Skirts and coatsPants-pipe beige coat and a cell
Evening dresses of satinThe dress of the third armDress with pocketsLight pink jacket and glovesLong dresses with buttons
A colorful coat with fur collar. Red, pink, lilac shadesVarious lengths of skirts and jackets to buttonMustard-colored coat and skirt in tone. Red corsetPink bodice and knickerbockers in boxTransparent dress with neck
Year-skirt and red capeThe red skirt and black shiny corsetSkirt and golf with short sleevesThe costume of shiny fabric brownShort Leather trousers
White dress with sequinsThe dress with pale pink satinDress-bell and boaA short dress with a satin topShifonovaya mini-skirt and black jacket with deep notch
Skirt and VestBeige pants and sweaterThe dress of a red lacquered leatherSuit. Losiny and jacketLong skirt for the knee. Lacy shirt
Corsets of the material under the treeThe skirt and jacketTransparent dress and autumn jacketRed dress of satinShort pants and blue jacket with sharp shoulders
The costume of cream huesCloak of zhatoy lacquered leatherGray dress and red LosinyThe brown coat and a red neckerchiefThe skirt on the Snake and transparent jacket. Leather jacket with a picture on Snake

   WORLD PHOTOS / People / Fashion / Defile
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