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   WORLD PHOTOS / People / People from different countries / The people of the world

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Men in dark blue dress at the doorMasters of the eastern FightHeaddress with threadsA pair of elderlyA boy in a kimono in black and white stripes
Class struggle in the open airGirls in colorful dresses. Hats with feathersWoman in yellow / red kimono near metal ChanA man in a black hat with a transparent materialGirl on a rock near the house
Production of wax for candlesA woman in a dark scarf and leather waistcoatsA man near the stone wallMen in yellow cloakMale elephants
Girl in a dress with coinA man with a piece of cloth and yarn in their handsThe boy in black capsThe young man in a black scarf with pink bordersChildren with ceramic jugs on their heads
Boy with yellow and white flower behind the ear and headbandWoman in carnival costumes. Headdress with flowersCeramic headdressAn elderly woman in a large straw hat with dry twigs in their handsBoy drink juice of ripe fruit
The man on elephantMeditation. YogaWoman in wedding dress with a wreath of flowers around his neckA man with a spear in his hands and with a skirt of dry leaves

   WORLD PHOTOS / People / People from different countries / The people of the world
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